Stinks of desperation

bullet image Colo. Teen Addiction Centers Gear Up for Legal Pot

While many Coloradoans rang in the new ear by lining up outside marijuana dispensaries for a celebratory toke, some rehab centers are prepping for an increase in marijuana-addicted patients in 2014, especially teenage users.

Classic scare story technique, completely bought by ABC News.

bullet image Will Marijuana Retailers Target the Poor and Minorities?

I haven’t watched this debate between David Frum and Andrew Sullivan, but I can bet the title comes from something David Frum is claiming. It fits with the tactics of Frum, Kennedy, Sabet, et al. And it is so incredibly offensive, given how prohibition has actually targeted the poor and minorities in devastating ways for decades now.

(Tell me if I’m wrong about the debate.)

Both of these stories (along with the one about the toddler) have been tweeted by ONDCP spokesperson Raphael LeMaitre, proving to those who didn’t already know, that the ONDCP prefers unsubstantiated scare stories to facts.

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