Day: January 1, 2014

Predictions that make you go ‘huh’? (updated)

Some… interesting… predictions in this piece: Pot law: Hazy days ahead for state

From Jonathan Caulkins:

Caulkins expects impaired driving to become a bigger issue, particularly after initial 2013 reports from the Washington State Patrol showed a 50 percent increase in the number of drivers testing positive for pot.

This is either imprecise speech or […]

New Year, New World: Legal Marijuana Sales Begin in Colorado

At eight o’clock this morning, Iraq War Veteran Sean Azzariti stepped up to the counter at 3D Cannabis Center in Denver and made the first ever legal marijuana purchase in the United States. He didn’t have to show a medical marijuana program card, proving he paid a fee and consulted a doctor, he simply flashed his driver’s license to confirm he was over 21 and bought his cannabis products. This is a first for Sean, who uses cannabis to treat his PTSD, as his ailment was not an authorized qualifying […]

Treatment for drug war addicts

The excellent Diane Goldstein (a member of LEAP) has a good tongue-in-cheek column: I am a Recovering Drug War Addict

She suggests the need for a program for drug war addicts…

How do we create a “safe space” for both our political and law enforcement leaders to publicly acknowledge what most admit behind closed doors, […]

Welfare drug testing ruled unconstitutional


A federal judge on Tuesday struck down a law requiring Florida cash welfare recipients first pass a drug test. The law, enacted in 2011, had been temporarily blocked by a federal judge under grounds that it might constitute an illegal search and seizure.

Of course, the governor isn’t happy:

“Any illegal drug use in […]