Scott Greenfield does an excellent job discussing the latest outrageous bodily intrusion serving the war on drugs: A New Low: Vaginal Probes At The Border

And then there are the doctors, happy to stick whatever they’ve got into unwilling women (as was the case with David Eckert) because an agent said so. So that it’s clear, a warrantless ”forced gynecological exam” is rape. A warrantless forced “rectal probing” is rape. Jane Doe was raped. Unlike Eckert, neither the agents nor the physicians can hide like the sick cowards they are behind a judge’s warrant to excuse their conduct.

And they found nothing. Jane Doe was clean. Absolutely, totally, perfectly innocent of any wrongdoing. Not that it’s acceptable if she wasn’t, but she was.

The list of atrocities that our society has somehow accepted in order to achieve some kind of impossible goal in the war on drugs is astonishing (and should be frightening to a free people).

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