Kids and pot

The 2013 Monitoring the Future survey results are out, and you’re going to be hearing about them in the news. The Government will be parceling out bits and pieces of information to the media in ways that are useful to their prohibition story.

What you won’t hear:

  • Past 30-day use of marijuana for 12th graders actually decreased from 2012-2013. This, despite all the legalization stuff.
  • Young people used tobacco much less than marijuana, despite the legal status of tobacco.

What you will hear:image

  • 60 percent of 12th graders do not view regular marijuana use as harmful. My reaction… and? Maybe they’re learning something. Remember that, as far as I know, the word “harmful” isn’t defined in the survey. If someone asked me if water was harmful, I’d probably say “no.” And yet, you can drown in water and overdose from it. Words matter, even to 12th graders, and failing to agree that something is “harmful” is not the same as affirmatively stating that it is 100% “harmless” in all situations.
  • One third of 12th graders get their marijuana from someone else’s medical marijuana…. Um… think about it. Would you rather they had gotten it from a criminal dealer?

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