Ridiculous arguments that just won’t die

In an absurd OpEd in the Baltimore Sun, Gregory Kline hits us with this old chestnut:

Have we lost the War on Murder as well? If so, should we simply declare our surrender and legalize it? Why is that concept any less absurd than the legalization of drugs because drug use has not stopped?


All right. Once more for those who just can’t seem to get it.

  1. If you don’t know the difference between murder and smoking pot, you’re not getting invited to any of my parties.
  2. Learning that my neighbor is a pot smoker doesn’t make me concerned. Learning that he’s a murderer?…
  3. Here’s the important one. The economics of illicit drugs guarantees that if you take a drug dealer off the street by arresting them, another will take his place. Supply and demand. Taking a murderer off the street doesn’t provide a demand for murderers to replace him. In fact, the economic realities of the black market in drugs is such that aggressive criminalization of drugs actually leads to murder as dealers use violence to protect their profits.
  4. Legalization of drugs reduces violence. Legalization of murder does not.

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