Nailing them down, a tiny bit at a time

While those of us with any background in drug policy know full well the game that S.A.M. and Kevin Sabet are playing, they’ve still been getting way too much of a free pass in most of the media.

They are, after all, offering up an alternative policy and working to convince people to follow this policy, without ever actually defining it.

All they do is repeat that they wish to avoid the “extremes of incarceration and legalization” without ever defining how you avoid incarcerating without it being legal. And then they say the word “treatment,” as if that explains it all. Which, of course, it doesn’t, since only a small portion of illicit drug users need treatment.

I will personally send $100 to the first mainstream reporter who nails Kevin down with the question: “What would you do with the vast majority of illicit drug users who don’t need treatment?”

So I’m always looking for those little moments when they let their guard down and reveal just a touch more…

Like this one.

Rob Chapman (@robchappy)
12/10/13, 2:34 PM
@julianbuchanan @MikeRiggs @KevinSabet… US #Druglawreform : ‘..public health issue not JUST a criminal justice issue’

Kevin Sabet (@KevinSabet)
12/10/13, 3:39 PM
@robchappy @julianbuchanan @MikeRiggs @jacobsullum Yes, drug use can be a health AND justice issue-When 1 commits a non-drug crime bc of use

Jacob Sullum (@jacobsullum)
12/10/13, 3:49 PM
@KevinSabet @robchappy @julianbuchanan @MikeRiggs Also when the drug “crime” involves producing or selling prohibited substances, right?

Kevin Sabet (@KevinSabet)
12/10/13, 4:00 PM
@jacobsullum @robchappy @julianbuchanan @MikeRiggs Yes drug production should remain a crime – but proportional to circumstances.

In other words, incarceration. For growing a plant. Ah, but it should be “proportional to circumstances,” whatever the hell that means. I think that’s code for “kinder, gentler prohibition.”

Then Jacob tries for the gold…

Jacob Sullum (@jacobsullum)
12/10/13, 3:50 PM
@KevinSabet @robchappy @julianbuchanan @MikeRiggs Or when a drug user declines “treatment.”



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