Day: December 5, 2013

[That Other] Prohibition Was Repealed 80 Years Ago Today

On December 5th 1933 at exactly 5:32pm eastern standard time, Utah signed on as the last of the 36 states needed to ratify the 21st amendment, repealing the nation’s failed 13-year prohibition policy experiment banning the sale and use of alcohol nationwide.  At 6:55 p.m., President Roosevelt signed an official proclamation announcing the nation’s new alcohol policy. It was clear to the public, and politicians of the day that alcohol prohibition had failed in everything it was trying to achieve.  The 18th amendment led to widespread disrespect for the law, black […]

Odds and Ends

FWIW… Mark Kleiman, pot’s go-to guy – In the Los Angeles Times

Drug Defendants Are Being ‘Forced’ To Plead Guilty, Report Claims

This is one of those really scary parts about the loss of justice due to the drug war that we’ve been talking about for some time.

Only 3 percent of U.S. […]