Day: December 3, 2013

These places should be investigated

I do enjoy the Onion. So many great satirical pieces, that sometimes catch people because they’re just close enough to being real.

This one caught my attention today: New Report Shows Many U.S. Businesses Actually Just Fronts For Moneymaking Operations

When reading it, I was immediately struck by how similar this satire is to the […]

Maine: Help Make Marijuana Legalization a Reality

Despite experiencing setbacks when it came to reintroducing marijuana legalization legislation for the 2014 Maine legislative session, efforts are already underway to prepare for 2015. The primary sponsor of the previous marijuana legalization bills in the state, Rep. Diane Russell, and NORML are seeking input regarding the drafting of this legislation. We feel the current draft is well written and accomplishes a number of goals we can all agree on, such as the establishment of retail outlets to sell marijuana to those over the age of 21, allowing for home […]