A prohibition rejected

Here’s an interesting data point that may have some real significance. It’s possible that we’re reaching a point where even politicians are hesitating when it comes to new prohibitions.

Theresa May humiliated as MPs reject call to ban khat

Theresa May’s ban on khat was not based on any evidence of medical or social harm and must be stopped before it becomes law, an influential committee of MPs found today.

In a humiliating move for the home secretary, the home affairs committee recommended that the government halt plans to ban the drug, which is popular among some African communities.

“It is extremely worrying that such an important decision has not been taken on the basis of evidence or consultation,” chairman Keith Vaz said.

“The expert Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs conducted a thorough review of the evidence and concluded that no social or medical harm resulted from the use of Khat.”

Apparently this was a big surprise, since usually any kind of drugs ban by the government would be supported without question.

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