Day: November 7, 2013

Study: Most Medi-Pot Patients Prefer The Plant Over Pills

The results of a first-of-its-kind worldwide survey of nearly 1,000 medicinal cannabis consumers shows that most patients prefer their medicine in the way that nature, not Big Pharma, intended it to be. Overall, subjects said that herbal cannabis preparations were more cost-effective and posed fewer side-effects than cannabis-derived pharmaceuticals.

This is your brain on drug war

Eric T. Wright, Gladsden Times

Students learn ‘drug free is way to be’

Wednesday afternoon, deputies visited Southside Elementary School and came with an armored vehicle, a horse, two motorcycles and a helicopter. Public Information Officer Natalie Barton said they bring their specialized vehicles because children love them and it grabs their attention, which […]

Fun with Kevin and Friends

It’s interesting how Mr. Sabet’s “friends” end up being so… passionate.

I’ve been having a fun exchange with “Brian C,” who purports to be merely an interested reader checking out Kevin’s book, and yet feels the need to go to extreme lengths to criticize my review.