Month: October 2013

Open Thread

Thanks to all those who came out for my talk today on the Drug War’s Assault on Justice. We had a nice discussion afterward.

And thanks again to the sponsors: Bloomington-Normal Coalition for Peace and Justice Common Action Free School Amnesty International Chapter IWU Center for Engaged Citizenship IWU Center for Human Rights and Social […]

Idiots more likely to die in accidents

Researchers with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) have achieved a major breakthrough in understanding traffic accidents and fatalities.

This came following a slew of studies attributing increased liklihood of traffic fatalities to a variety of activities: increased chance of death to teenagers driving with other teenagers in car; those who text 27 times […]

Colorado Now Accepting Applications For Retail Cannabis Outlets

The state of Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division yesterday began accepting formal applications from those seeking to open the first-in-the-nation retail cannabis outlets. The agency had accepted 23 applications by mid-day yesterday, according to The Denver Post. The agency has just under 100 appointments already scheduled this week from entrepreneurs seeking state licenses to engage in retail marijuana production, infused products operation, and/or storefront cannabis sales.

What is a drug?

Fox News: Nick Carter: I am drug free but alcohol addiction is ‘still a problem for me’

FOX411: How long have you been sober?

Carter: This is the thing: I am completely 100 percent drug free. I have, on occasion, been having drinks. The thing about it is, I still realize that it’s an issue, […]