Odds and Ends

bullet image Radley Balko’s been tearing up the joint with a new six-part series on Utah, of all things. Worth checking out. How A Botched Drug Raid in Utah Sparked An Unlikely Movement — the first five parts are out.

bullet image Science for stoners: What is marijuana ‘abuse?’

Interesting article, pointing out that as we approach legalization, new discussions will be had regarding use and abuse of marijuana and that defining abuse may not be so easy, nor will it necessarily fit in the same way as seemingly natural comparisons (like with alcohol) want it to fit.

bullet image ‘Joint war” against drugs declared — a coalition of hard-line countries in the war on drugs.

bullet image If Gallup Says Most Americans Want to Legalize Marijuana, Gallup Must Be Unreliable, by Jacob Sullum

Writing at The Huffington Post, anti-pot activist Kevin Sabet tries to piss on this parade, but his aim is not so good.

bullet image Nice Reuters Column: The militarization of U.S. police forces

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