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Update: Statement of the day from Uruguay –

#Uruguay rep on #marijuana reform: “we’d rather breach intl #narcotics conventions than intl #humanrights law” #reformconf

Exactly. I’ve long felt that that’s the easiest (and most true) approach to dropping out of the conventions. The simple fact is that the drug war, as conducted under the conventions, is a horrific violation of human rights, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is supposed to have supremacy over all other U.N. documents and treaties.

The big 2013 International Drug Policy Reform Conference is going on now in Denver.

I wish I could be there (for many reasons), but work prevents me from leaving at this time. Still, I’m enjoying hearing tidbits from the conference on Twitter and Facebook…

Ethan Nadelmann: The International Innovations plenary at 12:15 @ReformConf today is unprecedented, w/ top officials from 4 countries & key rep from NZ

Transform: Czech drugs tsar: Its time to start raising the issue of convention reform at the UN #reformconf

Czech drugs tsar: Russia and China will be the obstacles to convention reform, not the US. US up for discussion at least #reformconf

Release Drugs: Czech Republic in official discussions with US about possible amendment to int conventions – would need int consensus. #reformconf

Reform Conference: Such a powerful group of #parents telling their stories why they’re fighting to end the war on drugs. #ReformConf

Dan Riffle: I miss @KevinSabet and @RafaelONDCP. You’d think if they care about real #drugpolicyreform they’d be at the biggest drug policy #reformconf

Carlene Variyan: In a very sad, but important session at #ReformConf on situation in prisons. Canadian system’s bad, but I’m realizing how much uglier in USA

Maria Villanueva: *Sorry I stopped twitting, I was crying* #ReformConf

#ReformConf “This war, and much of the violence in Mexico, started here in the USA. My son & his friends are victims of it” -Javier #Sicilia

RX MaryJane: Slapped in the face by what the drug war in the US is doing to the people in Latin America. Tragic. #reformconf

Forfeiture Reform: Why has the Drug War gone on so long? Federal grants/asset forfeiture gave law enforcement an investment in prohibition. #reformconf

Anybody else getting interesting reports from the conference?

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