Fetal protection

Shackled and pregnant Wis. case challenges ‘fetal protection law’

… seems to me there needs to be fetal (and mother) protection from drug warrior busybodies.

In cases like Beltran’s, “the woman loses pretty much every constitutional right we associate with personhood,” said Lynn Paltrow

We’ve seen so many permutations of this, from mothers having their newborn taken away because of a false “poppy seed muffin” drug test, to responsible medical marijuana users having their children removed.

All without any evidence that the children themselves are being harmed, but rather the assumption by government bureaucrats that they know what’s best for the child.

Another in the long list of destructive drug-war side-effects.

[By the way, the comments at this article are not particularly instructive -- tends to devolve into a bunch of the standard ignorant red vs. blue bashing.]

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