Can we help NIDA with its drug-free goal?

The government is once again seeking the elusive “drug free” fantasy.

National Institute on Drug Abuse:

Please share: It’s Red Ribbon Week (Oct 23-31). Be part of the creation of a drug-free America by taking the Red Ribbon pledge:

Drug-free America? Really? How?

I asked them for their definition of “drug free America,” but they haven’t responded.

How would they even answer that?

After all, our bodies create drugs that are necessary for our survival, so achieving a true drug-free America would require an act of genocide so horrific that it would dwarf the holocaust. Perhaps Homeland Security’s SWAT teams should pay a visit to the NIDA offices to see what they’re plotting.

But who knows… maybe NIDA has some other, secret, definition of drug-free that doesn’t actually include being… drug-free. Maybe they mean that they want America to stop taking drugs, ie, external drugs as opposed to bodily processes.

Of course, that would mean going after caffeine, so why isn’t NIDA campaigning against Starbucks? Or having meetings with Pfizer and the other pharmaceutical companies and asking them to stop making drugs?

Hmmm… I guess drug-free may be an even more restrictive definition to NIDA. Let’s see what else we can discover.

From their link, we find: “We will set a good example for our children by not using illegal drugs or medicine without a prescription.”

It’s certainly not drug-free, but it’s a more specific goal — aimed at the use of an arbitrary list of drugs that have been deemed illegal. But while individuals could live up to such a pledge, there’s still no way that America would stop using all such drugs, so a pledge won’t help them achieve a “drug-free” (under their definition) goal.

But wait — maybe we can help! If the goal is to achieve an America where nobody uses illegal drugs, that’s actually possible.

All we have to do is legalize all drugs.

It’s simple and effective.

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