The Racket

A friend shares his personal story:

In 2010, as part of my conditions of probation, I was asked to enter a drug treatment program for treatment of my dependence on cannabis.

I was reccomended a treatment center by the court system, which I went to. The guy who owned the treatment center sat down and did my intake appointment… we ended up getting pretty friendly and he came out of left field with the following request….. “if you can help me out I can help you out”. What ended up happening was I paid the guy $200 for his pocket, $200 for the classes, and he signed a paper saying that I had completed 20 hours of drug treatment………

Now, at the moment, I did it. Of course. I smoke pot… I’m not dependent on substances, I was happy to not have to sit through a bullshit class about drug dependency and DUI’s. But as time has gone on and I see how our criminal justice system works it truly saddens me and I had to speak up about it. Our criminal justice system is a RACKET, the war on drugs is a joke and if people don’t wake the fuck up and try to make a change……. we stay in the same revolving circle. [...] Truly makes me sick.

Just one of an incredibly long list of rackets driven by this drug war.

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