Day: October 9, 2013


Having a government shutdown while the DEA goes to work is like not having enough money to buy food for your children while still buying bullets to shoot yourself in the foot.

Cannabis Debate at the Economist

The Economist has been holding a week-long debate on the question of “Should Cannabis be Legal Everywhere” between Ethan Nadelmann and Neil McKeganey, moderated by Josie Delap.

There’s certainly no doubt among the internet community as to who is winning this particular debate, as the vote has been consistently 93% to 7% in favor of […]

An editorial board gone right

Many years ago, this used to be my hometown paper. Things sure have changed.

Don’t imprison this cancer patient – Quad City Times Editorial Board.

Investigators turned up no evidence of a widespread dope-dealing operation foisting marijuana into the hands of Quad-City kids. All of the evidence points to a cancer patient desperate for relief.