Month: September 2013

Pot Czar leaving the room…

‘Pot Czar” Mark Kleiman Packs Up

When it hired Kleiman last March, the LCB said it had budgeted an initial $100,000 for the much sought-after consulting work. The state ended up paying much more–$814,000, as of last week, with one payment still pending, Smith tells SW.

VA NORML Adopts a Highway

A huge congratulations is due to NORML’s state chapter in the Old Dominion.  Last week, Virginia NORML joined the ranks of the the Kiwanis Club and the Cub Scouts when they posted the first NORML “Adopt-a-Highway” sign in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  And while they didn’t get highway 420 (located in Alexandria), they did get a nice segment in Northern Virginia west of the DC beltway, and just 20 miles north of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).  The Northern Virginia regional affiliate, NOVA NORML has organized the first clean up […]

Odds and Ends

Andres Oppenheimer A turning point in the U.S. drug war

“This puts the United States in an awkward position in respect to its drug war export policy,” says John Walsh, a drug expert with the Washington Office on Latin America, a group that supports pot legalization. “The United States is going ahead with a […]

It’s always the money

The cops depend on drug war money from seizures and drug war funding… prisons, treatment centers, drug testing companies, federal agencies, politicians, and more all profit from prohibition.

So it should be no surprise…

New Study Finds That State Crime Labs Are Paid Per Conviction

Funding crime labs through court-assessed fees creates another channel for […]