People who need to get a job

Sky is falling nonsense from McClatchy — Can states protect kids from recreational marijuana? with some of the usual players…

But to legalization opponents, such promises are a pipe dream, destined to fail. They say it is more likely the U.S. government will unleash a new industry that will try hard to attract young users and turn them into “addicts.” [...]

Sabet said he hopes history will repeat itself and that the tide will turn against legalization, as it did in the late 1970s when baby boomers began questioning how the drug would affect kids.

“A retailer needs a modest sign on the outside of the building and a website listing what it has to sell,” said consultant Mark Kleiman, who is also a professor of public policy at the University of California, Los Angeles. “There is no need to tolerate anything more than that.” [...]

Sabet predicted that attracting more young users will be necessary for the economic survival of the industry.

“This is about making sure that kids are hooked early, because that’s the only way that addictive industries make money,” he said. “They don’t make money off casual users, and in order to get addicts, you have to start people young.”

Feel free to have at it in comments, and destroy their arguments, but my favorite response came in the article:

“These people have too much free time and they need to get a job,” countered Steve Horowitz, who runs a medical-marijuana dispensary in Denver but hopes to make the switch to a full recreational operation.

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