‘We just enforce the law…’

That’s one of the biggest whoppers in drug policy enforcement.

A clear disdain for the law and the will of the people, along with a concerted effort by law enforcement to push for marijuana prohibition point of view in legislation, is evident in all their lobbying efforts and public relations activities. It’s also clear that those who profit from prohibition are working overtime to insure that this view is maintained within the law enforcement rank and file.

Poor Training of Narcotics Officers Contributes to Culture of Ignorance by LEAP member Diane Wattles-Goldstein.

Because of the influence the CNOA [California Narcotic Officer Association] has had on legislation through lobbying in Sacramento they have been able to subvert laws, direct public policy through their paid lobbyist, while using one-dimensional training to further their own goals.

Despite the overwhelming support for medical marijuana in California as evidenced by recent polling, public and legislative support, not to mention science, the CNOA continues to be the lead training organization that, by design, will not support or acknowledge the rule of law.

This opposition is disingenuous by not admitting to the many fiscal benefits that they receive by maintaining the status quo. The narcotic officers receive public money through their certified continuing education classes, (a lot according to their taxes as listed on the Attorney General Charitable Registry website) that contributes to training which undermines the intent of medical marijuana laws.

Their courses are designed around the premise that there is no such thing as “medical marijuana” despite the growing body of academic research that shows the opposite.

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