Day: September 10, 2013

Feds Reaffirm That They Will Not Likely Challenge State Legalization Laws

Speaking today before the US Senate Judiciary Committee, Deputy Attorney General James Cole reaffirmed that the Justice Department is unlikely to challenge statewide legalization efforts, provided that these efforts impose “robust regulations” which discourage marijuana sales to minors and seek to prevent the diversion of cannabis to states that have not legalized its use. “We will not … seek to preempt state ballot initiatives,” Cole told members of the Committee, adding that state “decriminalization [laws] can co-exist with federal [drug] laws.”

Congressional Hearing on Marijuana Legalization Today

Today at 2:30pm eastern, the Senate Judiciary Committee will hold their first ever hearings regarding marijuana legalization and the conflict it creates between state and federal law. The hearing will be held in the Hart Senate Office Building, Room 216. You can live stream the hearing here. The hearing was scheduled by the Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman, Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT). “It is important, especially at a time of budget constraints, to determine whether it is the best use of federal resources to prosecute the personal or medicinal use of […]

Senate Hearing on Federal-State Marijuana Law Conflict

Conflicts Between State and Federal Marijuana Laws — follow this link for the live webcast. Also live on

Today (Tuesday) at 2:30 pm Eastern, 1:30 Central, 11:30 am Pacific.

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Kevin Sabet’s written testimony for the hearing Seven […]