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bullet image Diet of quinoa, mushrooms, cocoa kept world’s oldest person alive at 123


A 123-year-old farmer, from Bolivia, who has been named the oldest person alive, has claimed that a diet of quinoa, mushrooms and coca has kept him alive for over a century.

Ah. I found it sadly humorous that the headline writer clearly didn’t know what “coca” was, and assumed it was cocoa. An entire valuable plant with amazing properties and we don’t even know anything about it in large portions of the world because of the drug war.

Probably most people who drink Coca-Cola think it’s just some fun alliteration and have no clue that “coca” actually means something in that context.

bullet image U.S. Ant-Drug Czar Says Legalization Won’t Solve the Drug Problem

Yes, Gil, thanks once again for that ridiculous straw man. Legalization is for solving the drug war problem.

bullet image The wealthy ‘make mistakes,’ the poor go to jail – interesting reading in the Guardian.

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