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bullet image Someone at the Baptist Press has got their panties in a bunch. Feds surrender on marijuana policy

WASHINGTON (BP) — The Obama administration has waved the white flag in the war on drugs by deciding not to challenge state laws legalizing marijuana for recreational use, a Southern Baptist public policy expert says. [...]

The Obama administration’s ruling is “extremely unsettling,” said Barrett Duke, vice president for public policy of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission.

“For it to decide to let the states establish their own laws on drug use signals its surrender on the war on drugs,” Duke said of the administration. “All the other states in the union should be concerned about the federal government’s willful disregard of federal drug laws and for the threat it poses to their ability to prevent the rise of drug use in their own states.”

bullet image More info on the upcoming hearings with Senator Leahy…

King County sheriff to testify before U.S. Senate

King County Sheriff John Urquhart will appear in Washington, D.C., before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee on Sept. 10, his spokeswoman Sergeant Cindi West said Wednesday. [...]

“I supported I-502 last year because, as a former narcotics detective, I can say with full confidence that the war on drugs has been a failure,” said Urquhart. “There has to be a better way. And as far as marijuana is concerned, the citizens of Washington have decided legalization for personal use appears to be that ‘better way.’ Law enforcement needs to respect their decision.” [...]

In addition to Urquhart, U.S. Deputy Attorney General James Cole and Jack Finlaw, chief legal counsel to Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, will appear before the committee.

bullet image Careful what you say if you’re in Malta. No possession of drugs reguired for drug possession charges

No illegal drugs were however traced to Stoyanovich, but this did not stop the police from pressing charges of possession, based only on his verbal admission of having previously smoked the substance. [...]

“I would say a good 50% of all drug possession cases do not involve drug possession at all but are in fact based only on admissions by the accused,” he told MaltaToday, adding that the police have a standard formula for how to extract such confessions from unwitting suspects.

“The law as it stands is that possession of cannabis is illegal. The legal reasoning behind such possession charges is that an admission of having smoked cannabis implies that one would have had to be in possession of the drug in order to smoke it, and this is considered enough evidence to base a prosecution on.”

bullet image Video Jury Nullifcation v. The Drug War NJ Weedman (Ed Forchion) discusses how he did it.

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