Well that certainly clears things up

Obama won’t sue Colorado or Washington state over pot laws

Nearly a year after Washington state and Colorado voted to legalize recreational marijuana, the Obama administration announced on Thursday that it won’t sue the states to comply with federal laws, though it reserves the right to in the future.

Update: Reactions To DOJ Marijuana Memo: Dismay, Exuberance, Skepticism

Dismay: Kevin Sabet

Skepticism: Tom Angell

Update 2:

Some of you surely are questioning the sanity of those who are releasing statements of exuberance about this announcement. However, I do understand at least one reason for doing so. Since the administration is playing the “game” of appearing to be reasonable while not actually committing to anything real, a tactic by the other side can be to publicly accept that “appearance” as something real, in order to cement that impression with the public. Thus, when the administration acts in a contrary manner, the public will view the administration as double-dealing once again.

The game doesn’t always work, and I certainly have no need to pursue such things here, but I understand it as a legitimate political tactic.

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