Mayor Bloomberg tries to defend Stop and Frisk in this horrible piece in the New York Post: Frisks save lives

He basically takes the position that Stop and Frisk has been responsible for a decrease in violent crime, even though he has no evidence proving it (in fact, other cities without Stop and Frisk saw the same reduction in violent crime).

Even if it were true (which it isn’t), Bloomberg acts like that’s all that matters. He simply justifies the acts by the supposed results. But we have a Constitution, and therefore you can’t just do anything to people simply because it… works. What would otherwise prevent him from simply creating concentration camps for minorities if he could show that it would reduce violent crime?

He complains:

Throughout the trial that just concluded, the judge made it clear she wasn’t at all interested in the crime reductions here or how we achieved them. In fact, nowhere in her 195-page decision does she mention the historic cuts in crime or the number of lives that have been saved.

Exactly. Because that was, quite frankly, irrelevant to the question of whether the use of Stop and Frisk was unconstitutional. What did he expect her to do? “Well, what you’re doing is unconstitutional, but it works so well, so we’ll just ignore it.”

Bloomberg has shown, in various ways, a complete disrespect for the law. And here he does again.

And he has company.

Kal Penn is, once again, proving that he doesn’t have anywhere near the smarts of the stoner character that he plays in the movies.

He tweeted:

Great op/ed by @MikeBloomberg on the merits of “stop-question-frisk”.

When asked if he forgot his “snark” tag, he responded:

@Only4RM nope. It’s a good policy. Sad to see such activist judges ruling against public safety

…and he kept digging in even further…

@CWmsWrites lol well already been a victim of violent crime. It’s a sound policy and we need to stop trying to get rid of it

…to bordering on racism…

@CWmsWrites and who, sadly, commits & are victims of the most crimes?

@BridgetMarie it angers us all but the stats don’t lie. We need to do better to uplift our urban & rural communities.

The Daily Show has a delightful piece where they turn Stop and Frisk around.

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