It’s the Sanjay Gupta show!

For those of you who have been asleep the past couple of days, one of the big pieces of news is that television doctor Sanjay Gupta has publicly apologized for his previous position on marijuana (video below) and now has come out with a strong statement that we have been misled and marijuana is, in fact, a legitimate medicine.

Some of you may say “Why should we care?” After all, we already know this stuff and we don’t need Sanjay’s validation. Sure, it’s nice that he actually dug into it and learned some more and was willing to have his preconceptions challenged, but how does that change anything really?

The answer is that there are millions of people in this country who never do their own research on drug policy, and whose entire perception of the world is from television “news.” When their television doctor tells them that he was wrong and he’s now discovered the facts – that marijuana is a good thing – well, that’s going to stick with them.

It’s another element in the tipping point.

Sanjay Gupta has put together a documentary on the subject called “Weed,” which airs Sunday at 8 pm Eastern, 7 pm Central on CNN. In this article, he talks about the documentary and his conversion. It sounds pretty interesting – hope it gets a lot of viewers.

Here’s the video of him apologizing on TV.

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