A kinder, gentler prohibition

One of the “reforms” touted by the ONDCP and their apologists has been drug courts as an alternative to prison for drug offenders. Yet drug courts have severe issues because of the fact that they are part and parcel with the criminal justice system… and using the criminal justice system to deal with addiction is like using a baseball bat to house-train a dog.

Worth reading: Reevaluating Drug Courts: No Mother Should Have to Go Through What I Did

Here’s something I didn’t know…

Participants are placed on probation while going through the Drug Treatment Court process and do not have the same rights as others when it comes to getting emergency care for drugs or alcohol. New York’s 911 Good Samaritan Law, designed to save lives by encouraging people to call 911 during an overdose, doesn’t offer those on probation and in drug courts the same protection as others — even though drug courts say that drug abuse can be a chronic and relapsing occurrence. My son could not overcome this dilemma and died as a result.

So much destruction.

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