Laws that encourage the use of informants undermine justice

One more data point in the destructive war on drugs. Since drug transactions are consensual, police can’t count on “victims” reporting the crime, so they have to seek it out, often using nefarious means. One of the most nefarious is the use of informants who are trying to either make money or avoid jail and are willing to lie or plant evidence in order to do so.

It was this corrupt practice that led to both Tulia and Kathryn Johnston, for example.

And here, we have: Undercover Informant Plants Crack Cocaine in Smoke Shop, Business Owner Saved by Tape

Andrews was arrested until he was able to show police the surveillance video exonerating him. WNYT reports the county sheriff admitted procedures were not followed and blamed the informant, who has apparently gone missing. Andrews is preparing to sue for his wrongful arrest.

Lucky for Andrews he had those video cameras installed. Otherwise, as an upstanding business owner, he would have had no chance against the word of a low-life informant.

The video segment is worth watching – a pretty good job by the television news station.

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