Better work on that northern fence

Trudeau calls for legalization of pot

At the end of his five-day B.C. tour, federal Liberal leader Justin Trudeau spoke out about a well-worn topic in the province: marijuana legislation. Following unprompted remarks in Kelowna Wednesday on the legalization of marijuana, Trudeau told supporters and volunteers on Thursday in Vancouver his thinking had “evolved” when it comes to pot laws.

Could it be that it’s finally reaching the point where it can be politically advantageous to be opposed to criminalization (and that politicians are realizing it)?

He also said:

“Marijuana is not a health food supplement. It’s not great for you. But it’s certainly – as many studies have shown – not worse for you than cigarettes or alcohol.”

Um, well, actually… marijuana is a health food supplement. Parts of the plant have extraordinarily beneficial nutritional value.

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