A story that stinks to high heaven

Sorry, but I don’t buy it…

Drug smugglers set free for lack of money to prosecute

Each year the Border Patrol checkpoint seizes hundreds of thousands of pounds of marijuana.

“We have ‘em put it in spare tires and gas tanks,” said a Border Patrol agent, whose voice and identity has been disguised because the agent feared of being fired for telling us what happens next – that up to 60 smugglers a month are being let go.

This Border Patrol agent, who’s in disguise for fear of being fired, said that up to 60 drug smugglers a month are being released. “We catch ‘em, but then because our hands are tied, they end up walking and being released,” said the agent. [...]

Police here say federal authorities generally won’t prosecute traffickers moving less than 150 pounds of marijuana with a street value of $120,000. So they leave those cases and the costs to local district attorneys, including Carlos Garcia of Brooks County.

“If we were to accept them, we’re accepting them with all those financial responsibilities as well, and right now we’re just not at a point where we can do that,” Garcia said, adding that they just can’t afford it.

The Justice Department used to help pay for the prosecutions in border areas. The funding reached $31 million in 2010 but fell to $5 million this year. There’s no money in the White House budget request for next year.

There’s absolutely no lack of money in the drug war.

If this was of a concern to the feds, they could move some of the money they’re spending on going after medical marijuana providers.

A little more research shows that it’s all about making a case to get more money. The reason that the money was cut was that an audit shows the county had been overpaid almost $2 million by the feds that they haven’t paid back.

Everybody wants their piece of the drug war pie.

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