Let them smoke pot

Nice editorial in the New York Times: American Mayors – Let Them Smoke Pot

What the Conference of Mayors resolved seems appropriate — and sensitive to the reality that public attitudes toward marijuana are liberalizing rapidly. In 1969, the Pew Research Center found that only 12 percent of Americans favored legalizing the drug. By 2010, that figure was 41 percent. In 2013, it was 52 percent, a majority.

At any rate, Mr. Holder’s dithering helps no one. The status quo is chaotic and untenable. If you live in Denver or Seattle and you are thinking of applying for a license to sell marijuana, you have a right to know whether federal prosecutors will move to seize your property and jail you.

Kudos to Tom Angell and the Marijuana Majority for their tremendous work organizing this wonderful resolution and getting so many people to write their Mayor (I did). It makes for a very strong argument that marijuana should be a local and state issue.

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