Day: June 17, 2013

Uh, oh. Feds will probably try to seize Bonnaroo, now

‘That’s Some Pretty Good Weed’: Paul McCartney ‘Halts Concert After Smelling Marijuana From Crowd’

“That’s some pretty good weed I can smell up here,” he said halfway through his set, adding “Whew! What are you doing to me?”

It just so happens that two very good friends of mine were in the front row for […]

Four Marijuana Videos: Some Funny, Some Informative

There are four new videos worth checking out, two provide comic relief…two provide contrasting views about cannabis prohibition. The same day last week I caught a CNN news piece about high school science students sending and recording an egg with a smiley face launched into space, I received something way cooler: The first earth-grown cannabis launched into space (unless the US and Russian governments have been ferrying cannabis into space all these years…). From our friends at High Times: *Proviso: While ‘space’ cannabis is neat, driving while consuming cannabis is […]

Open Thread

We’ve been making fun of Patrick Kennedy here, for good reason. This doesn’t help. It’s a well-intentioned-sounding piece unless you know what Patrick is spending most of his time these days doing, in which case the irony is unbearable. And no, Patrick, you are not your uncle.

The New York Times editorial board […]