Day: June 13, 2013

Nevada: Governor Signs Cannabis Dispensary Measure Into Law

Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval has signed legislation, Senate Bill 374, authorizing the creation of up to 66 medical marijuana dispensaries. Under the new law, state regulators are tasked with overseeing the creation of licensed establishments to produce, test, and dispense cannabis and cannabis-infused products to authorized patients. Nevada voters enacted legislation in 2000 to allow for physician authorized patients to consume and grow cannabis. However, that law did provide for facilities where authorized patients may obtain medicinal cannabis. Approximately 3,800 Nevadans are presently authorized to grow and/or consume cannabis under state law

How is pot worse than fireworks?

Jacob Sullum discusses one of the provisions in the Colorado pot regs: Can Colorado’s Limit on Pot Purchases by Nonresidents Survive Constitutional Challenges?

The marijuana regulation law that Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper signed last month includes a quarter-ounce limit on pot purchases by visitors from other states. Colorado residents, by contrast, may buy up to […]