Robert L. DuPont vies for stupid OpEd award, but loses.

I thought for sure that nobody could top the idiocy of Steve Adelman who danced a jig around the possibilities of marijuana’s involvement in the Boston tragedy.

But here comes DuPont. Lessons from Boston bombings about marijuana, education

While Jahar’s marijuana use did not directly make him a terrorist, it closed the door to his dreams of being an engineer or physician and it opened the door to his suicidal violence

Really? And you know this… how? And yes, at first, I thought that DuPont had topped Adelman on the stupid scale. But no, it turns out it’s not stupdity after all. Remember that DuPont is in the drug testing business…

Human loss is particularly onerous if it is avoidable.

What if Jahar had been required to take drug tests to obtain and maintain a driver’s license? Might he have changed his behavior if faced with real and immediate certain consequences for his drug use? What about the tens of thousands of kids nationwide who are caught in similar drug-induced downward spirals? New technologies make minimally intrusive drug testing part of a practical approach to preventing and identifying drug problems early. Can our society afford to ignore the measures that are available to encourage young people to find positive drug-free directions for their lives?

Yes, that’s right. DuPont is telling lies and trading on those who died in Boston to promote drug testing to increase his own profits.

That’s as low as you can go.

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