U.S. agencies annoyed they can’t run the drug war their own way.

In Mexico, restrictions on U.S. agents signal drug war shift

Peña Nieto’s decision to limit the ability of American agents to operate in Mexico has been met with dismay by U.S. law enforcement agencies, which left a heavy footprint under the previous administration of Felipe Calderon. They warn that intelligence sharing will suffer if they can no longer choose which Mexican force — the army, navy or federal police — to give sensitive information to; they’ve been instructed to now funnel everything through Mexico’s Interior Ministry instead.

The agents also caution that the personal relationships developed under Calderon will fray if they are no longer welcome to work side by side with trusted partners at sites such as the joint command centers where Americans helped spy on Mexican narcotics traffickers and direct operations against them.

Yeah, they don’t want to be bothered by little details like the fact that Mexico is a sovereign nation. They just want to run the drug war their own way and get their own Mexican agents working for them, rather than working for… Mexico.

The same is true here in the United States where the DEA for years has worked to undermine local and state government authority in the drug war through joint task forces and the so-called “equitable sharing” of forfeitures.

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