So if you ban something, it just goes away, right?

Tourist cannabis cafe ban leads to surge in dealing in the south

The government’s decision to turn the cafes into members’ only clubs in the southern provinces last May led to a sharp rise in street dealing, the paper says. It bases its claim on police and city council figures.

In Maastricht, at the forefront of efforts to reduce drugs tourism, the number of drugs crimes has doubled over the past year while in Roermond they are up three-fold with at least 60 active street dealers, the AD says.

Gee, who could have guessed that would happen?

Generally saner heads prevail…

Officials in Amsterdam and many other towns have already said they will not implement the ban on tourists and will instead take advantage of the legal provision for a ‘tailor-made’ approach to the marijuana trade.

The question has never been about whether people will buy and sell cannabis. The question is only who will be doing it and where. If you care at all about the second question, then you really have no choice but to be in favor of legalization.

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