Day: April 11, 2013

White House Drug Control Budget: Failed Drug War Tactics Prioritized Over Prevention and Treatment

The Obama Administration has released its National Drug Control Budget for the FY 2014 and despite their claims that “the war on drugs is over” and that they have “bigger fish to fry” the Office National Drug Control Policy is still prioritizing failed drug war tactics over prevention and treatment. The new budget calls for 9.6 billion dollars to be spent on domestic law enforcement, 3.7 billion for interdiction, and 1.4 billion for international drug control efforts. Prevention, in the form of education and outreach efforts, receives a paltry $1.4 […]

President Obama would rather look stupid than interfere with the flow of cash to drug-war profiteers

The White House spends all year traveling around the country talking about their “third way” and their “21st Century Drug Policy” — that the focus needs to be on treatment and that we can’t arrest our way out of drug problems. That there’s too much focus on incarceration.

At the same time, they’re dealing with […]