Day: March 6, 2013

Buy Your Tickets for the NORML Mid-Atlantic Conference on March 16th

NORML is pleased to announce the first ever Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference in Philadelphia, PA is just over a week away. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE TICKETS The conference will feature a day of enlightening panel discussions and speakers on topics ranging from new reform strategies, recent legislative efforts, the science of medical cannabis, and much more. Hear from some of the most experienced and insightful marijuana law reformers working the the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York area. Pennsylvania State Senator, and sponsor of PA’s legalization bill, Daylin Leach will be […]

Will Holder or the Senate Judiciary Committee be relevant?

So today, Attorney General Holder is supposed to be grilled by the Senate Judiciary Committee (going on right now). There’s a general sense that he will address the administration’s “response” to marijuana legalization in Washington and Colorado.


HOLDER: “We are in the administration at this point considering what the federal government’s response to those […]