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David Bratzer is a LEAP speaker in Canada (and a really nice guy). For some good news today, check out this speaking engagement he had yesterday:

‘Groundbreaking’ conversation as Halifax police chief hosts session with drug law reformer

Canadian president David Bratzer said it’s the first time a Canadian police chief has asked a LEAP representative to address serving officers.

“It shows a police chief who’s open-minded and willing to engage in dialogue about complex issues,” said Bratzer. “It is groundbreaking. In my view, what he did is national police leadership. I can’t say enough about it, I’m so impressed.”

Blais said he invited Bratzer to speak in the interests of being open to a range of new ideas on policing.

“As we continue looking at the sustainability of policing practices here in HRM…overall, what are we doing? Does this make sense?” he said. “We may not agree with his points…but it doesn’t mean we can’t listen and learn from there.”

Bratzer, a police officer in British Columbia, said the presentation seemed well-received.

“These senior officers are very experienced and they asked some good questions,” said Bratzer, adding that his views do not represent those of his employer. “It’s exactly what we need, to be having a national discussion about this issue.”

Blais said Bratzer made some compelling points, and said he’d recommend a LEAP presentation to other police chiefs in Nova Scotia.

Wow! A police chief who really wants to listen and learn. Of course, that’s basic common sense, but it’s so incredibly rare that it’s quite laudable.

Congrats to David and Canadian LEAP for all their hard work that is clearly making a difference.

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