Cannabis Papers: January 2013 Cannabinoid News Digest

Just barely a month into 2013, news about cannabis and cannabinoids continues to flow at a record pace. Authors of The Cannabis Papers have been on the look out for crucial cannabinoid updates and that search has allowed them to pick some news highlights for the new year.

“Will 2013 be the year of the cannabinoid?” asked Steve Young, a co-author of The Cannabis Papers. “Cannabinoids are important every year, but we anticipate seeing more cannabinoid news outside of medical journals in coming months.”

Young and other Cannabis Papers writers have compiled a list of January’s most important cannabinoids news:

1. The Meaning of the DEA’s Recent Victory in ASA Vs. DEA, New Amsterdam Psychedelic Law Blog, 28 Jan, 2013

2. Marijuana Arrests Now Exceed Arrests for Violent Crime, Jason Sattler, The Compassion Chronicles, 21 Jan 2013

3. $452m US Market for Hemp Products Drives Federal Bills, Ryan Fletcher, West Coast Leaf, 13 JAN 2013

4. Depenalizing Drug Possession Offenses Associates With Lower Drug Consumption Rates Among Young People, Journal of Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 17 JAN 2013

5. Dialoguing with Dan Linn: Update on Springfield’s Cannabis Problems, Bryan Brickner, The Compassion Chronicles, 14 JAN 2013

6. Montana Next aims at 2014 by  Tom Daubert, West Coast Leaf, 13 JAN 2013

7. The Neuroprotective Role of Endocannabinoids Against Chemical-Induced Injury and Other Adverse Effects, P. Zogopoulus, et al, Journal of Applied Toxicology, 8 JAN 2013

8. Five Years Ago: Cancer Cure – Cannabis and Cannabinoids, by Robert Melamede, PhD, Cannabis TV, 23 JAN 2008,

“It’s going to be impossible to ignore cannabinoids in 2013,” said Young. “While we worked on The Cannabis Papers, we were astonished to find how essential cannabinoids are to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Looks like many others are learning this lesson as well.”



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