Whacking the new weed whackers

The excellent Maia Szalavitz takes on Project Sam: The New Weed Whackers

In fact, I can’t really get my head around why people who have suffered addiction would support criminalization—especially people like Kennedy whose top talking point is that addiction is a disease. For one, isn’t the very fact that they themselves got addicted evidence of the failure of current drug policy? If prohibition worked as prevention, illegal drug addicts wouldn’t have a story of their own to tell.

Second, if arresting and incarcerating users is essential to effective treatment, why argue that addiction is a disease? No one says we should arrest diabetics for failing to take their insulin or heart patients who don’t exercise. Nor is anyone calling for jailing obese people caught within 500 feet of a McDonald’s or criminalizing the possession of non-diet soda, despite New Yorkers’ complaints about Mayor Bloomberg’s “nanny state.”

I know we’ve already pretty thoroughly dismantled Sabet and Kennedy’s efforts here, but it’s still nice to see this particular take-down.

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