Don’t forget about libraries

While I’ve always been a fan of libraries, I never spent much time in them, as I tended to like owning books and had computer access at home. Yet for much of the population, libraries are an incredibly important source of literary entertainment and non-TV news.

Local reader Gregg told me this week that he was at the library here in town and noticed that Drug WarRant was blocked by the filtering software. He did the right thing and took it up with the librarian. The librarian took one look at the site and said “There’s no way that should be blocked,” and immediately had it white-listed on the filtering software.

A big thanks to Gregg and the librarian. (If any of you happen to spend time at your local library, take a moment to see if Drug WarRant is available there.)

I’m in the process of cleaning and simplifying my apartment, so I then felt really good about being able to drop off 9 boxes of books as a donation to the library. They were so appreciative and assured me the books would get good use.

Note: To the other Sci-Fi fans here, I still wasn’t ready just yet to part with my 25-30 feet of Sci-Fi paperbacks, so I still have those.

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