Day: January 18, 2013

Legalization’s Biggest Enemies

Krysten Gwynne in Rolling Stone: Meet the drug warriors working to roll back hard-won advances in marijuana policy.

Kevin Sabet
Mel and Betty Sembler
Michele Leonhart
Gil Kerlikowske
David Frum

Kevin is going to be insufferably gleeful over this.

Senator Leahy: After Spending Billions on the War on Drugs…Well, We’ve Lost

The Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and the most senior member of the Senate, Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) again spoke out against the War on Drugs today during a briefing on the Senate Judiciary Committee’s upcoming agenda. “The fact that so many people, especially young people, go to prison for a relatively minor thing, a drug offense. And then you ask, why can’t they get jobs afterward? Why do they have problems from then on? I think we have spent tens of billions, hundreds of billions of dollars on […]