Oh, Cliff, how we’ve missed you

We’ve made fun in the past of Cliff Kinkaide, a rabid, foaming at the mouth conservative prohibitionist writing at the ironically-named “Accuracy in Media.”

Unfortunately, Cliff has been relatively silent about drug policy for some time (I subscribe to his RSS feed), but the new Patrick Kennedy nonsense and Project SAM has brought Cliff out again: A Kennedy Shocks the Pro-Dope Liberal Media

Yeah, that’s the way he writes.

The major media do not want to cover the issue of marijuana causing mental illness. But because a prominent Democrat, Patrick Kennedy, has raised it, the media have nowhere left to hide. [...]

The paper said Kennedy wants “to shift the debate from legalization to prevention and treatment—despite what appears to be a growing social acceptance of the drug.”

That “growing social acceptance” is being driven by the drug-friendly media, the pro-drug entertainment industry, and a dope lobby led by the Drug Policy Alliance that is mostly funded by billionaires such as George Soros. [...]

However, the pro-marijuana movement is on the move, with the state of Oregon sinking so low as to authorize the use of “medical marijuana” for a 7-year-old child with leukemia. The child’s father, who is divorced from the girl’s mother, reported the marijuana use to child welfare officials and said that he found the little girl “stoned out of her mind.” [...]

The dope lobby never expected a certified liberal—and the son of a liberal icon—to lead a new charge against them.

It’s fun to read his spewings again. Somehow, oddly, it just makes me feel that all’s right with the world.

It’s sort of like when you see one of those unkempt radical preachers on the quad of the campus raving about satan, and you look around him and see smart young people walking past on their way to learning and doing great things, the sight of the lunatic reminds you just how far outside reality he truly exists.

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