Day: January 10, 2013

Is David Frum a harbinger of Idiocracy?

Conor Friedersdorf has a delightful retort to David Frum’s nonsensical article that we discussed here.

Would Legalizing Marijuana Be Too Hard on Simpletons?”

Conor takes apart Frum’s seeming need for simple social rules like “Just Say No,” and points out that the Project SAM approach isn’t about simplicity at all.

There are several problems with […]

Oh, Cliff, how we’ve missed you

We’ve made fun in the past of Cliff Kinkaide, a rabid, foaming at the mouth conservative prohibitionist writing at the ironically-named “Accuracy in Media.”

Unfortunately, Cliff has been relatively silent about drug policy for some time (I subscribe to his RSS feed), but the new Patrick Kennedy nonsense and Project SAM has brought Cliff out […]