Site updates

I’ve done a bit of an update on the theme for the site. Please let me know if you see any problems.

I also have temporarily reactivated the edit comments function. Apparently, they fixed the bug in an update but the update didn’t actually show up in the numbered update (or something). So I deleted the plug-in and re-installed the newest one in the hopes that it would be the correct version.

Again, let me know if the editing function or comments in general show any problems. If we still have the problem, I’ll have to shut it off again, but at least we know they’re aware of the problem.

Update: Same problem, apparently. Annoying. I’ll deactivate and wait for the next update. If anyone has any connections with the folks at and can light a fire under them to get Ajax Edit Comments fixed, I’d appreciate it. Alternately, if someone knows another reliable comment editing plug-in for WordPress, let me know.

Further Update: New version of the plugin has been released. Let’s try it again.

Folks, I will not have the level of incivility that has shown up in a few comments in the past couple of days. Infighting with name-calling gets us nowhere. Disagreements with reasoned responses are welcomed and strongly encouraged.

If someone comes on the site and breaks that rule, I expect you to not reply in kind. This is a great group that I admire. Please keep it an enjoyable experience for all.


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