Good news: Arizona students making smart purchases

Study: 1 in 9 Arizona students got pot from medical marijuana cardholders

This is really great news. Marijuana use by school students in Arizona remained steady, and yet over 11% of the students who used pot now say they got their pot from medical marijuana users. And although that’s illegal, it sure is better than having contact with street dealers and more criminal enterprises.

Of course, the prohibitionists don’t even realize that it’s good news. They’re so stuck in their world-view that when Rafael Lemaitre, communications director for the ONDCP tweeted:

Study: 1 in 9 Ariz. students got pot from medical marijuana cardholders via @AsburyParkPress

… you can tell that he’s thinking this is a strike against medical marijuana.

The truth is it’s entirely irrelevant to the discussion about medical marijuana and very relevant to the discussion about making life safer for young people.

He has yet to reply to my response:

.@RafaelONDCP Unless you know that those students wouldn’t have otherwise gotten it, this seems preferable to getting it from criminals.

People, including some teens, are going to purchase pot. That will happen regardless of the laws. However, if they can, they prefer to purchase it through the most safe and legal channels available. If we care about people, then our focus should be on providing those safe and legal channels rather than empowering crime and violence.

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