Our legacy in Liberia

Liberia: Govt Faces Huge Task Against Marijuana Farmers

When I read this kind of stuff, it makes me a little sad…

The Chief for central Liberia at the Drugs Enforcement Agency (DEA), Flomo Weahma, says:”Currently, the laws on the book, in my view, are very weak, and they are permissive of these acts that are perpetrated by criminals who continue to have these drugs in our communities, that have caused our children, our brothers, our fathers and our mothers to become addicted to these harmful substances,” the report divulges. [...]

The Director of the DEA, Anthony Souh, the report adds, stated that marijuana is illegal, no matter what, adding: “You cannot take crime to be an income-generating activity. What is a crime is a crime. To go into drugs does not justify one’s desire to make money because there are other cash crops that can make money as well.”

We have exported our drug war, our DEA, our propaganda, and our excuses for authoritarianism and the limiting of human rights to the rest of the world.

When we finally break and subdue this prohibition beast here in the United States, we will still have a moral obligation to undue the damage our drug war has caused abroad.

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