Miss Universe shows us the way

Miss Universe doesn’t support marijuana legalization

“It’s been proven to prevent people from their full potentional, and I don’t think that’s a good thing for society,” she said. “If we’re trying to move things forward, a drug like marijuana does the opposite. It will slow things down.”

Olivia Culpo has a good point. We want to move things forward. And, after all, pot smokers have merely gone on to such things as becoming President, winning nobel prizes, winning olympic gold medals, creating new musical forms and developing new technologies, while Misses Universe have gone on to such societal-driving accompishments as wearing beauty products on TV and marrying rich men.

Olivia has decided not to return to college.

As the 2012 Miss Universe winner, Culpo [...] received an undisclosed salary, brand new wardrobe, a limitless supply of beauty products and a luxury apartment in New York City. [...]

Culpo took to the stage in a purple and blue bikini and a red velvet gown. When she was later asked by the judges about her regrets, she admitted she wished she had never picked on her siblings.

I should note that controversy has been dogging the Miss Universe contest with the observation that the past 62 winners have all come from the same planet, completely defying astronomical odds — a planet where, ironically, marijuana is heavily used.

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