Study: Teens not so stupid, after all

AP: Teens’ views on dangers of pot fall to 20-year-low

Teenagers’ perception of the dangers of marijuana has fallen to the lowest level in more than 20 years, a new study says, prompting federal researchers to warn that already high use of the drug could increase as more states move to legalize it.

Of course, the important question they neglected to address was whether teens perceptions of dangers were higher or lower than actual dangers. It may be that they’re just coming to a closer connection to reality as they reject the blatant propaganda that’s been shoveled at them for years.

And naturally, the administration is going to take this opportunity to make completely unfounded and irrelevant attacks against reform.

But then again, this is always a great day for the ONDCP and NIDA! As I tweeted earlier:

.@ONDCP loves drug data days. If # is down, proof drug war is working; if # is up, proof we need more drug war. Can’t lose.

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